Who else lived there before? The person who gives you the keys may well have no idea how many other sets there are. The previous occupant may have been an upstanding citizen, but how would you know. Also If you move into an older property, the locks may be outdated and not offer the level of security a newer lock would.

It’s always a good idea to have your locks regularly checked and upgraded if necessary. Even on a new build, tradesmen, site staff and estate agents have all had access to your house keys so it’s worth while changing the locks.

At least check with your insurance company whether keeping the same locks would invalidate a claim.

With a uPVC or Composite door, changing the lock cylinder will bring peace of mind. With an older wooden door, which has no additional security apart from a Yale type lock, installing a deadbolt lock will provides an additional layer of security compared to a standard lock.

Check sliding Patio doors to ensure that they are secure and cannot be forced open.

We recommend that you give us a call for expert advice and to ensure proper specification, supply & installation to avoid any potential security risks.