Many of us worry about becoming the victim of a crime or scam while we’re at home. But by taking a few simple, and often inexpensive, precautions, you can minimise your risk of being targeted by burglars or scammers.

How can I make my doors and windows more secure?

To prevent burglars from entering your home, fit your front door with the following:

  • An automatic rim latch lock (also called a nightlatch).
  • A five-lever mortice deadlock with Kitemark BS 3621.
  • A letter box cage to prevent thieves tampering with locks through the letter box.
  • A door peep-hole to check who is outside before deciding whether to open the door to them.

A door chain can help you screen doorstep callers, but avoid leaving it on all day because this can stop family, carers or emergency services getting into your home if they need to.

You could also fit your back door with the following:

  • A five-lever mortice deadlock.
  • A security mortice lock and mortice bolt, if you have French doors.
  • Locks to patio doors.
  • Fit window locks with keys to all downstairs windows and any others that are easy to reach, such as those above a flat roof or near a drain pipe.

    Get doors and bolts fitted by a qualified locksmith.