Be more aware of burglary now that the clocks have gone back!

As the clocks have gone back an hour, police have issued their annual reminder to residents to use simple steps to stop burglars using the shield of darkness and targeting their homes. There is an increased threat of burglary during the winter months, often due to homes that are left in darkness signalling to burglars that no one is home.

But Local Police say there are precautions that homeowners can take – such as using light timers, leaving lights on and even leaving the television on that will help deter criminals. Figures show that one in three burglaries occur as a result of homes being unsecure, so police also recommend:

·  Always locking doors even when inside your home, or out of the house for a short time.

·  If you have one, setting your burglar alarm when leaving the house.

·  Keeping bins away from windows when they’re not being used as they can be used as a climbing aid for burglars.

·  Registering your valuables on so property can be returned to its rightful owner if stolen.

·  Working with neighbours by setting up or joining a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Details can be found at