Being broken in to is a cause for concern by most homeowners as the a burglar in your home not only puts your wellbeing at risk but your possessions and the risk of damage being caused to your home. Take a look at the burglary statistics issued by the Office for National Statistics in our blog below!

What time of day do burglaries occur?

The Office for National Statistics reports that from April 2019 to March 2020 residents were most likely to be burgled in the evening with 32% of all burglaries occurring during this time. What’s surprising is that following evening burglaries the most active time of day burglaries occur in the afternoon at 20%.

Overall 62% of burglaries took place in the evening/night time with 38% taking place during the morning/afternoon.

What day do most burglaries happen?

It comes as no surprise that burglars are more likely to target homes when it is dark outside in attempt to not be spotted. But did you know that a whopping 71% of burglaries occur during the week rather than on the weekend? Make sure you lock up after yourself when leaving for work!

76% of burglars gain entry through the door! 33% forced the lock open! 15% of doors were not locked. 6% had a key.

Where do burglars enter the home?

The Office for National Statistics reports that the majority of burglars will enter your home through the front of your property. 59% of burglars entered someone’s home at the front of the property, 33% accessed the property through the back entry way and 7% of burglars accessed a property from the side.

Of those a shocking 76% of burglars entered a property through a door. It’s shocking to hear that over ¾ of burglars enter someone’s home by using the door. 33% of burglars forced the lock open to gain access, this is why British Standard locks and are so important.

15% of these the burglar found the door was not locked at all. Always remember to lock your front door when you leave and ensure your locks are British Standard. If you need to upgrade your locks just give Open Locks a call!

20% of burglars accessed the home through the window.

Lost your keys?

Replace your locks immediately as 6% of all burglars for the year between April 2019 and March 2020 had a key to gain access to the home. If you have lost your keys or recently moved home you should call a Locksmith to replace your lock with new keys as soon as possible.

What damage does a burglar cause?

Between April 2019 and March 2020 57% of people claimed that the burglar left damage to their outside door, 26% of home burglaries ended up with a broken window and 22% were left with a damaged lock. As over 20% of burglars attack the lock to gain entry it is important you know your locks are up to scratch and have some defense mechanism such as anti-snap and anti-drill features.

22% of burglars damage the lock.

Average costs of damages caused to a property in a burglary

It is important you ensure your home insurance covers your property for things such as burglary and the damages of being burgled will cost. The Office for National Statistics reports that on average a burglar will cause £1,413 worth of damage to your property. If the burglar manages to gain entry the total cost on average amounts to £2,856 on average.

What do burglars go for?

40% of victims report that the burglar(s) stole their purse/money/cards, 32% stole jewellery and watches and 23% stole computers/computer equipment. Furthermore, 11% of burglars stole car keys and 7% stole house keys.

When you go to bed at night remember to hide your keys away in a safe place and out of reach of the doors and windows. If a burglar has stolen your keys it is vital that you get your locks changed as you never know when they may attempt to come back again. If a burglar enters your home with a key your insurance claim will be invalid.

Don’t forget to properly lock up your shed, any outbuildings and properly secure your garden furniture as 39% of people had tools stolen from an outbuilding, 34% had their garden furniture stolen and 22% had their bike/bike parts stolen!

If you have been burgled or looking to upgrade your home security after discovering the shocking facts just give us a call and we will be happy to help!  Russ Open Locks 07727 646734